5 Steps for Branding and Promoting your Intranet

Simpplr and Ragan share tips to help you think like a marketer.

Think like a marketer

To launch an intranet, you need plenty of internal comms know-how and IT buy-in. But too many overlook the importance of marketing in creating a successful intranet that employees look forward to using — and even become evangelists for.

In “Think Like a Marketer: 5 Steps for Branding and Promoting your Intranet,” a new, free report from Simpplr and Ragan Communications, you’ll get insight from intranet experts as well as organizations who have successfully launched versions that have earned plenty of fans.

Get practical takeaways including:

  • How to get employees involved in the process before the first page is designed
  • The role branding plays in a successful intranet
  • Why launching your intranet is more (and less) important than you think
  • What content will best serve your audiences
  • How to constantly evolve and improve your intranet

Download the free tip sheet today to level up your intranet strategy.


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