A definitive rundown of essential intranet elements

Get clarity on the features and functions that can make your hub buzz with activity.

Simpplr's guidance for intranet success

Intranet success can be an enigmatic, confusing pursuit.

But it doesn’t have to be. So long as you know what tech specs to prioritize—and which features to focus on—you’re well on your way to maximizing your investment in employee connectivity. At a time when U.S. workers are quitting at historic rates, that’s no small matter.

Simpplr’s new download, “Intranet features that matter,” offers 10 must-have capabilities to prioritize and maximize. The guide offers crucial insights to consider when trying to decipher what, exactly, your virtual headquarters should look like in a post-pandemic workplace environment.

Drawing from robust research on how companies are creating and maintaining thriving hubs around the world, Simpplr’s guide shows you how to bolster these essential features:

User experience.

It’s not just about layouts, color schemes and branding. User experience is about the quality of users’ interactions: Did they reach their objectives efficiently? Was the interaction intuitive? Were they satisfied with the experience and workflow?

According to Simpplr’s research, failing to address these basic user experience questions early and often is one of the top reasons intranets fail.


Your intranet search function should be smart, personalized, curated, “federated,” fast and secure.

Content governance.

Simpplr research reveals that “lack of content governance” is the No. 1 reason why intranets fail. The guide will show you how to shore up this essential aspect of intranet success.

Distributed administration.

Intranet administration shouldn’t be a full-time job. And you shouldn’t have too many cooks in the kitchen.

If you’re relying on a slapdash committee of folks from IT, HR and marketing to update your site, you’ll forever be condemned to productivity bottlenecks and conflicting priorities.

Simpplr’s guide offers tips on creating a sleek intranet that’s easy to update, manage and customize. No IT tickets required.


Which metrics really matter?

Simpplr suggests homing in on data that sheds more substantive light on how well your intranet is performing, such as:

  • User adoption
  • User engagement
  • Content performance
  • Search analytics

The free guide covers much more ground, including guidance on how to maximize integrations, facilitate a rapid deployment, and ensure security. Get your free download today to start making the most of your intranet investment.


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