Bringing convenient care to the team can create healthier employees and culture

At Ragan’s first Workplace Wellness Conference, Becca Gibson, senior wellness marketing specialist at U-Haul showcased the organization’s new conference and fitness center with an onsite medical clinic and dental unit.

In 2021 U-Haul International launched a 54,000-sq.-foot conference and fitness center at its campus in Phoenix that includes a medical and dental center, called Healthier You Clinic, as part of a wellness program initiated by CEO Joe Shoen. This program works to improve the mindset, health, nutrition, fitness and financial wellness of employees and their families.

The company had three objectives for creating the clinic:

  1. To make healthcare convenient and accessible to employees while reducing gaps in care.
  2. To successfully integrate benefit offerings into the onsite clinic.
  3. To reap the benefits of adding an onsite medical and dental unit to provide a holistic wellness program.

The medical center offers primary care for those 13 and older and acute care for those between 2-12 years old offering services like annual exams, blood work, vaccines, screening, maintenance medications and physical therapy. Using a vendor to provide services, U-Haul is able to offer its employees and their families $25 non-preventative care visits — including physical therapy sessions that can generally cost over $200 per visit normally.

The clinic has seen a 25% overall increase in visits from the year prior, but total spend went down by 44%, and expenses dropped 68% per member per year. U-Haul believes this to be because employees are becoming healthier versions of themselves due to the affordable and convenient services offered onsite.

In the first year, preventative visits are up 29%, chronic condition management is up 54%, diabetes management is up 86%, and dental cleanings are up 10%.


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