How I got here: Kaplow’s Randi Liodice uncovers the magic that makes brands unique

Randi Liodice shares what inspires her.

Randi Liodice, president & chief strategy officer at Kaplow Communications, is renowned for her expertise in advising top communications and marketing executives across consumer, finance, and technology sectors. 

With over two decades of experience, Liodice has curated impactful narrative strategies for blue-chip clients like CVS, while also mentoring agency staff on integrated strategy, presentation skills, digital communications, and analytics. The chief strategy officer is not just a strategic mastermind; she’s also a trained singer. Her ability to hit the right notes on stage translates seamlessly to crafting pitch-perfect strategies at Kaplow.

The thing I’m most excited about for the future of my profession is:

The unknown, which is usually something we fear, but in my case, it represents an opportunity to grow, evolve and continue to learn. I think about how much this industry has changed since I first entered it, and it excites me to think about what the future could hold.

A tool or a piece of software I cannot live without is:

My Peloton Bike. I hop on it most mornings (sometimes reluctantly), and never regret the decision. It puts my head in the right space to take on whatever is ahead of me that day. I figure if I can make it through my workout, I can make it through almost anything.

One way I stay creative and motivated is:

By engaging in what we call a ONE Session. At Kaplow, I lead a strategic exercise with new and existing clients where we go behind the curtain and uncover the magic that makes their brands unique. In doing so, I get to explore new industries and evocative stories – not to mention get to know some of the most inspiring people I’ve come across in my career. Together we spark that core brand differentiation, and that fuels us to think in ways we never have before.

Someone who has helped me be successful in my career is:

My mentor, Liz Kaplow. While I could easily list all the skills I’ve learned from her professionally, it’s her contribution to my personal growth for which I am most grateful. She started her agency with the belief that a woman shouldn’t have to step out of her career just when it was taking off to have a family. And as such, she provided me with the runway to grow, create my own path and ultimately become the agency’s first President, all while playing an important role in my beautiful boys’ lives and never missing those milestone moments. I view success not just as a list of awards or accolades, but rather the knowledge that you fulfilled the goals most important to you in all aspects of your life. And thanks to Liz, I’m well on my way.

One piece of advice I would give other people in my profession is: 

Surround yourself with smart people who are as invested in your growth as you are. One of the reasons I’ve been at Kaplow for so long is the culture, which is based on the values of T.R.E.E. – Trust, Respect, Energy and Enthusiasm. It’s one of the primary reasons I’ve been with the agency for more than 11 years. These tenets ensure that we all come to the table with the best interest of our clients and teams at heart. And it’s this important mindset that has made us not only successful but most importantly, happy.

 I’m inspired by:

 My children. I find they don’t put the boundaries around their creativity that we as adults may subconsciously do. Their resilience is also inspiring – I hope they will always remind themselves of their ability to pivot and adapt as they get older.

Isis Simpson-Mersha is a conference producer/ reporter for Ragan. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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