How purpose comms shape employee experience

Ivanti united multiple brands on a new intranet and developed a stronger company culture through its communication initiatives.

According to Gallup’s “Designing the Employee Experience to Improve Workplace Culture and Drive Performance” research, how an employee feels about their employer’s brand, purpose and culture is often shaped by individual moments that combine to form an employee experience. Together, these feelings directly impact employee development, engagement, performance and retention.

The study found that a third of global employees strongly agree that the mission and purpose of their organization determines whether they consider their job to be important. The organizations where employees strongly feel their jobs are important, Gallup shows, experience a reduction in absenteeism, have a reduction in safety incidents and see an improvement in quality.

These findings emphasize why an improved employee experience should be a priority for every organization. Ragan and Simpplr’s free webinar on Wednesday, Mar. 9, “The New Employee Experience Strategy in the Everywhere Workplace,” explores how one company did exactly that with the added challenge of a merger/acquisition.

Stephanie Briggs, director of Employee Experience Marketing at Ivanti, will share how the organization transitioned to a new intranet under her leadership, uniting the multiple brands under one organization with a single source of truth. Ultimately, Ivanti worked to develop a stronger company culture as “One Ivanti” through various communication initiatives across the globe.

The webinar will cover how human resources, marketing and IT teams worked to launch the Simpplr intranet. . Attendees also will learn how Ivanti:

  • Developed an employee experience communications strategy to engage employees across four united organizations.
  • Deployed an intranet in eight weeks.
  • Improved awareness and corporate knowledge of executive communications, company-wide meetings and internal events.
  • Engaged executive C-suite leaders.

Register for the free “The New Employee Experience Strategy in the Everywhere Workplace” webinar to learn more about creating an authentic employee experience in a remote-first environment that begins with an internal communication strategy.

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