How to future-proof your intranet

New survey data reveals tips to maximize intranet ROI, along with top tactics, objectives and platforms.

Future-proofing your intranet

COVID-19 fallout has upped the urgency for companies to consolidate and crystallize crucial messaging into a central location.

However, many companies still struggle to create a compelling informational hub that employees choose to use. There’s plenty that can go wrong. Many intranets fail due to lackluster content or poor technology integration and execution. Sometimes there’s a disconnect between IT, HR and communication about the intranet’s overall purpose, which leads to a convoluted user experience.

A new report from Brightspot—the “2020 Evolution of the Intranet Survey”—offers hard-to-find intranet benchmarking data. The report sheds light on companies’ top intranet goals and objectives, and it delves into how progress is tracked and unpacked by various companies. It also covers:

  • How COVID-19 is affecting employee sentiment toward the company intranet
  • Which intranet technology platforms are most popular right now—and which appear to be rising
  • Tips and tactics to ensure intranet ROI
  • Ensuring better collaboration with IT
  • What you must do to future-proof your intranet and account for drastic workplace shifts

The report’s raw insights into intranets’ perceived value are of note. This metric might be anecdotal, but it speaks volumes as to whether an intranet is viewed as vital or merely an expensive add-on—and thus susceptible to the budgeting chopping block. Just 3% of respondents said employees see intranets as having “little to no value,” but about 20% believe employee sentiment is “neutral.” That indicates a lot of apathy, but it also signals a big chunk of folks who could be nudged toward higher engagement. Motivating that muddled majority of your workforce is the key to unlocking more productivity.

It takes more than sleek design and good content to make an intranet work. As the report says, “For an intranet to become a core part of an exceptional employee digital experience, to help streamline workflows, and automate repetitive administrative busy-work, companies will need to step up their intranet game. A robust digital employee experience relies upon an intranet that can serve as an employee’s interface to the network of tools and services they need to get their work done — beyond speeding up access to company documents and files.”

In other words, intranets must become an integral part of workers’ daily routines. Making that a reality takes investment and commitment. But as the pandemic continues and remote work becomes the norm, companies have a tremendous opportunity to maximize their intranets and make them indispensable sources of information for employees.

Download your free report today to create an intranet that shines as a helpful, hopeful beacon of clarity for employees.


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