How to get the resources you need for successful internal comms

The first step to getting more is showing an ROI on what you already have.

You’re the communicator who is tasked to do a lot with a little – yet you could do so much more with the proper resources, including funds and people.

Simpplr has created a free guide, “How to Get the Internal Comms Resources You Need, By Showing Them the ROI They Want—In 5 Steps!” that will help you show your worth and that of your department. In the guide, you’re put into the shoes of a new internal communications director trying to secure the resources they need to succeed.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn to:

  • Demonstrate your internal communications’ value using data and tying your activities to business goals.
  • Win allies in related departments.
  • Make a short-term impact to pave the way for future success, including ideas for practical test projects.
  • Show your ROI in the boardroom and beyond.
  • Avoid strategic pitfalls common in internal comms.

Download Simpplr’s free guide and start delivering measurable results.

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