How to reconnect and reinvigorate your dispersed workforce

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The pandemic hasn’t helped workplace camaraderie and connectivity.

As “The Great Resignation” continues gaining momentum, and legions of workers consider switching jobs, companies must do a better job of facilitating meaningful bonds and streamlining connections. But how?

One essential way to reconnect employees is through a well-designed intranet, which you can learn how to build at our upcoming free webinar, “Reconnect Your Employees by Delivering a Brand-Aligned Digital Hub.”

Join Microsoft MVP Suzy Dean on Nov. 30 to explore how compelling, creative internal brand promotion boosts retention and support growth—even amid ongoing COVID-19 uncertainty. You’ll discover how to uplift employees by providing a digital experience that facilitates genuine, emotional connections and meaningful support. Plus, you’ll get firsthand glimpse of a streamlined, mobile-friendly hub that can inform and inspire your own.

In this free 60-minute webinar, you’ll also learn how to:

  • Reconnect your office-based, hybrid and frontline workers through a brand-aligned intranet
  • Build a compelling intranet in hours, not months
  • Support participatory experiences such as online communities to strengthen your internal communications strategy
  • Create and deliver a feel-good connection with your employees

“The Great Resignation” is not slowing down anytime soon. Register for this free event today to help ensure your company’s survival.

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