How to recruit top talent by taking a stand

Millennials are insisting that their organizations speak out on issues. A new guide from Ragan and 3BL offers tips for doing that authentically.

Why and how companies can take a stand

Employees these days want to find meaning in their work, studies show.

It’s up to organizations to communicate purpose and take stands, thereby gaining a leg up in retention and recruiting.

How to do that? A new guide from 3BL Media and Ragan Communications, “Taking a stand: Why and how organizations should cultivate purpose,” will guide you to finding an authentic voice.

Studies show that employees prioritize an organization’s mission and integrity, with four out of five holding that tandem as their top value.

That’s why organizations that once focused solely on the bottom line are finding the benefits of communicating values, defining a greater purpose and taking a stand on social issues they once shied away from.

Newer generations of employees want their work to have greater meaning. “They want to see that they’re making a positive impact in their communities, that they are demonstrating purposeful behavior beyond the working day,” says Rosy McGillan, executive vice president and head of purpose practice at Porter Novelli.

Mission and integrity top values

The Salary & Workplace Culture Survey: 2020 Edition from Ragan Communications confirms that people are looking for meaning at work. The No. 1 attribute they consider in an organization is its mission and integrity, with 82% holding that as a value.

Only 32% of employees feel that their company has trustworthy leaders, according to research by APCO Worldwide. The study reveals that this can have serious implications for organizations, including decreased productivity, engagement and retention.

The 3BL/Ragan report emphasizes the importance of communicating with employees. When Axis—a specialty insurer and global reinsurer—announced it would no longer provide new insurance for new thermal coal plants and mines, nor for oil sands extraction and pipeline projects, internal communication included global town hall updates and a podcast featuring its CEO and chairman, says Joe Cohen, Axis’ chief communications officer.

In this guide, learn:

  • Why communicating purpose with integrity is a must in a tight labor market.
  • That organizations that take a stand do better in attracting and retaining talent among millennials.
  • Why you should look before you leap. Begin with a candid self-assessment of your purpose as an organization.
  • Why employees come first. Discuss the issues with your workers to make sure they’re on board.
  • The role of inclusivity.
  • The necessity of measurement. Yes, purpose and values can be measured.
  • How to find fantastic examples of your values among your workers.
  • Why you should boost contributions by employees—both money and service.
  • Why all this will help you attract talent.

Download your free guide here.

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