How to start the D&I conversation among employees

Learn how Yammer can help communicators start and maintain ongoing dialogue around this important issue.

Being the D&I change

Many organizations have dedicated diversity and inclusion programs or are putting initiatives in place.

Having a platform to give your employees a channel to express their concerns and ask questions is a key part of this effort. Many communicators need a virtual space to help move conversations forward. That’s where Yammer comes in.

At our upcoming virtual conference, The Communicator’s Role in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Sept. 17-18, you’ll learn five ways to use Yammer to bolster your DE&I efforts:

1. Create communities. Some organizations already have diversity and inclusion groups in place and need an ongoing space to connect between meetings, conferences and events. If you don’t have a dedicated diversity and inclusion community, this is a great place to start. Find interested employees and empower them to own and contribute to a Yammer community. Start with a broad focus, and then narrow it down to focus on specific initiatives as needed. Sample groups can be women, parents, multicultural celebrations, etc.

2. Listen. Every community needs the opportunity to share the good, bad and ugly. Sometimes action is required, and other times just listening and empathy is enough. Having leaders who are intentional about their support and participation within Yammer groups will speak volumes. Empathy goes a long way, regardless if problems are solved immediately. Responses, comments and likes can impact this, but also using GIFs, images and asking questions helps build the trust of employees who are participating in and around the conversations.

3. Be intentional. Start conversations related to your desired D&I behaviors to make those behaviors and cultural values come to life. For example, Microsoft talks about “demonstrating courage.” Ask employees what they think it looks like, or share examples where the company or employee behavior fell short. These are ways to really make a tangible difference.

4. Host events. If the groups meet in person, take pictures to share them in the Yammer community. Provide updates in real time during an event, and/or create a live event in Yammer to broadcast your next meeting while providing a forum for question and answer for worldwide employees.

5. Promote and share from day one. Stress the variety and importance of D&I initiatives during new hire orientations, newsletters or other channels where employees get information. Create a hashtag for conversations that exemplify positive inclusive behaviors. Share inspiring conversations across to other groups to help build awareness so that others can join and share their experiences.

Learn more ways you can learn to use Yammer at our upcoming event The Communicator’s Role in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Sept. 17-18. Experts will share how Yammer encourages conversations and connections in communities, leverage and coach allies to build bridges on and offline, and more.

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