Internal comms measurement survey reveals one-third don’t measure

Email is the channel of choice for reaching internal audiences—but how satisfied are communicators with their measurement? And how many have adapted to mobile?

Measuring email success

Every so often, it helps to compare oneself against industry standards.

For those striving to benchmark themselves in internal communications, here’s your chance: “2019 Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results,” a free download by PoliteMail and Ragan Communications.

This report offers conclusions from a nationwide survey of communicators, providing insight into the strategic value of email in internal communication. The data reveal that email is the most popular form of messaging, with 92% relying on it.

Yet the lack of measurement means large swaths of communicators are at a loss as to whether they are succeeding.

One-third of communicators aren’t measuring at all. “Nearly impossible to identify quantifiable metrics,” wrote one survey respondent. “Open rates on email are not available. We measure click-through rates on newsletters.”

Such news dismays survey participant Shel Holtz, director of internal communications for the commercial construction contractor Webcor.

“If you can’t demonstrate that what you’re doing is working, I don’t know why anybody is paying you,” Holtz says.

Survey participants hail from health care, pharmaceuticals and biotech, technology, financial services, government and other areas. Faith-based, scientific, construction and other companies also took part, giving the survey a broad representation across organization types.

Download this guide, and you will learn:

  • Which vehicle communicators most use to drive their messages home
  • Why mobile apps, for all the excitement about them, remain beyond the horizon for most
  • How all-hands meetings compare against email and the intranet as channels
  • What percentage of people still don’t measure their internal communications efforts
  • Why so many are hungry for meaningful metrics
  • Which challenges most hinder communicators
  • Whether identifying a lack of tools as your most vexing workday misery lands you in the majority
  • How many companies are measuring to simply to keep the bosses informed, as opposed to improving their communications
  • Why you should fret about what your employees need, not what the bosses say they want from you

“If we want people to find our content and consume our content,” Holtz says, “it makes absolute sense that we meet them where they already are, rather than ask them to do something that’s counterintuitive.”

Download your free survey results now.

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