Ragan CEO discusses the role communications play in HR on WebMD podcast

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In the Season 5 premiere of WebMD Health Services’ “The HR Scoop” podcast, Ragan Communications CEO Diane Schwartz talks about the convergence of HR and communications with Andrea Herron, head of people at WebMD. The two discuss involving employees in storytelling, the importance of celebrating wins and why good writing skills are increasingly hard to come by.

Here are some of the insights Schwartz shares in the podcast:

“It’s never been more difficult to discern how your employees are feeling and dealing because of the hybrid workplace. … There are definitely more people working from home, more people isolated, more people impacted by the pandemic, in very long-term ways with mental health issues, and feelings of isolation. This is all converging during a time when there have been a lot of issues, social justice issues and political unrest.

… Employees are looking to the employer to help solve for a lot of these issues. And no one department can do this alone. You know, that’s kind of where we come from. So that’s where HR and comms really need to work together to identify the key sort of pain points among the employees in the workplace wellness space.”

Listen now:


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