What’s in Ragan’s Election Issues Toolkit

Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council compiled our first-ever Election Issues Toolkit— a continuously growing collection of resources ranging from research and articles to presentations and videos.

With so many issues and disciplines becoming increasingly politicized, the next year of elections will require communications leaders to think nimbly, diplomatically and strategically to reach global stakeholders with multiple political ideologies and values.

This is why Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council compiled our first-ever Election Issues Toolkit— collecting resources ranging from exclusive templates and articles to private presentations and videos.  Let’s look at some of its highlights.

Member-exclusive resources

The Election Issues Toolkit includes several resources available exclusively to council members, including a brief on global elections to watch in 2024, a wheel of influence framework for understanding how to communicate ESG messages to your various stakeholders,  partner research on how to manage fear, confusion and stress among employees during a presidential inauguration, and much more.

Members also have exclusive access to tactical resources about communicating amid labor negotiations, including a video presentation from one member on how their transportation company navigated escalating union discord and narrowly averted a strike and a tips piece for communicating compassionately with employees about unionization efforts.

Curated conference content

The toolkit also includes recorded sessions from Ragan conferences over the past year that fortify communications leaders with the practical skills needed to meaningfully communicate about politicized topics when relevant.

Two sessions focus on trust, with one focusing on what’s required to communicate trust through chaos and another that positions DE&I, ESG, and purpose-driven stories as part of a holistic trust trifecta. One session looks at a case of employee activism with a focus on how activists can become advocates through a strategic approach, while another captures an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with one of the leading communications voices on ESG explaining why it’s stigmatized, how to cut through the BS and what’s required to meaningfully reinforce your sustainability comms strategy in the years ahead.

The full election issues Toolkit is available exclusively to members of Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council.  For more information on how to join and access additional resources, click here.


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