Your guide to smarter, more effective wellness programs

Learn how data can bolster well-being initiatives, reduce costs and empower employees.

Virgin Pulse wellness webinar details

Employee wellness is perhaps the hottest corporate trend right now.

But there’s a world of difference between personalized, data-backed wellness efforts that truly benefit workers’ lives while driving down costs—and a disjointed, generic program with no clear purpose or direction.

If you’re keen to pursue the former instead of the latter, predictive analytics can dramatically increase your chances for success. By identifying behaviors responsible for driving up benefits costs, and gaining insights on future risks, organizations can enhance existing employee well-being programs and roll out new ones tailored to your unique workforce.

Join us on Aug. 31 for a free webinar to explore how predictive analytics can transform your wellness strategy. You’ll learn how Virgin Pulse’s revolutionary Poindexter analytics platform uses data and actionable health intelligence to uncover opportunities and address benefits costs.

Taking a more data-driven approach toward these complex issues of well-being can have a profound impact on your entire company. This free webinar will equip you to wield the power of predictive analytics to bolster your HR efforts, as well as optimize your employee benefits and wellness programs. You’ll also learn how to better communicate wellness information to your entire workforce, while combating behaviors that fuel health risks.

If you attend the webinar, you’ll also:

  • Learn why it’s essential to use predictive health analytics to make smarter, more informed decisions.
  • Understand how you can create customized risk assessments for your workforce.
  • Be able to support decision-making for your benefits and wellness programs through data-driven evidence.
  • Drive wellness initiatives that will help your employees where they need it most.
  • Understand how analytics empowers leadership to make smarter decisions.
  • Gain ideas on developing messaging that will reach and resonate with your most at-risk employees.
  • Develop a roadmap to success for crafting cost-effective wellness and benefits programs.

Why else you should attend?

  • It’s free.
  • You’ll receive all the slides and handouts.
  • You’ll get access for your entire team to watch.
  • You’ll have access to the recording for 12 months.
  • You’ll get a real-world case study from North Kansas City Hospital.

Be sure to tune in at Tuesday, Aug. 31 at 1 p.m. EST to learn how data can improve well-being programs and help reduce costs.

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