4 crucial ways VMware evolved wellness benefits in 2020-2021

Learn how the Silicon Valley giant is revamping engagement through gamification, storytelling and more robust benefits.

The Silicon Valley cloud computing company VMware made news late last year when it unveiled a revolutionary reimagining of its workplaces post-pandemic. The initiative, called the Future of Work initiative, makes work-from-home arrangements permanent for many employees, while reconfiguring existing offices into collaboration centers.

But VMware, based in Palo Alto, California, didn’t stop there. It reimagined its global offices and hubs into “regional communities.” It revamped its employee engagement efforts, emphasizing gamification and storytelling.  

Perhaps most significantly, the company, which has 31,000 employees and about $9 billion in revenue, overhauled its well-being benefits.

Before the pandemic

  • Well-being allowance of $400 (for gym reimbursements).
  • On-site gyms, cafeterias, and coffee shops.
  • On-site speakers and events, limited audience.
  • Vacation days and sick leave.
  • EAP—a traditional benefits-focused plan, with up to six visits.

During- and post-pandemic

  • Well-being allowance increased to $1,000.
  • Online events open to all employees.
  • On-site speakers and events, limited audience.
  • Pandemic leave, Well-being days, EPIC2 days. (EPIC2 days are the company’s term for special days off. It started this last year and aligns workers to important moments—i.e. earth day—to give them some additional time off.)
  • Well-being therapy and coaching (12 visits).


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