50+ employee comms case studies to shape your 2024 strategy

Ragan’s 2024 Top Case Studies in Employee Communications and Culture reveals how the world’s top brands solve the most complex challenges.

Ragan Top Case Studies in Employee Comms and Culture book

By its very nature, employee communications can be one of the toughest disciplines in which to innovate. The tools, strategies and toughest moments are usually developed, refined and  solved behind closed doors.

Ragan is here to help tip the communications cards and shed light on the winning plays that lead to meaningful engagement, enthusiastic participation and a cohesive workplace culture.

In the 2024 edition of Ragan’s Top Case Studies in Employee Communications and Culture, you’ll find the strategies and storytelling secrets that helped some of the world’s biggest and most respected brands bring their people together, encourage action and foster an environment of productivity, collaboration and fresh thinking.

With more than 50 case studies showcasing award-winning solutions — not to mention tips, takeaways and captivating visuals — this book is the key to stronger and more effective employee comms.

In this book of communications case studies, you’ll learn how:

  • CBRE’s “Courageous Conversations” tackled the toughest interpersonal communications employees may face in the workplace: confronting racism, misconduct and ethical violations.
  • Warner Music Group jazzed up its corporate brand, modernizing its look and feel while infusing it with its rich and expansive legacy in the music industry.
  • ADM committed to the safety and wellbeing of its Ukrainian employees when war broke out — not just with words, but with action.
  • Ochsner Health managed the unthinkable, achieving a near-100% COVID-19 vaccination rate among its employees.
  • U.S. Bank developed a content series that effectively eased anxieties, clarified expectations and limited turnover in the wake of a major acquisition.

… and how each of these organizations and dozens more planned, delivered and measured the results of their work.

Find out how to get your copy here. 


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