Employee Wellness Tech: AI message monitoring, personalized soundscapes, at-home biometric screening and more

A roundup of the latest tech focused on monitoring and improving employee health and well-being.

artificial intelligence to identify toxic behaviors and intellectual property

Here are some of the wellness tech we found for the week April 4-8:

CommSafe AI’s new communication software uses artificial intelligence to identify toxic behaviors and intellectual property loss by analyzing company communication. Targeting bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and intellectual property threat, the tool can scan companywide messaging and flag potentially toxic language and poor sentiment. It alerts when human involvement/interaction is needed, and works across email products like Microsoft Outlook and Google Suite, as well as collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

– Sound wellness company Endel plans to develop its technology and reduce the time to generate its soundscapes, which currently takes about a week. The app takes input from a user’s movement, time of day, weather, location and more to create an adaptive, personalized soundscape that enable movement, relaxation, focusing and sleeping. It is available on iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa and Apple TV, and team packages are available. 

Reperio Health is partnering with employer wellness program provider Health Designs to offer access to its at-home biometric screening solution. Reperio’s screening kit includes medical devices for measurement and data collection of body mass index, cholesterol, blood pressure, resting heart rate, blood sugar levels and more. The partnership is positioned by Health Designs as a way for employers and other stakeholders to gain insight into the overall health of their organization and a tool for engaging them with well-being programs.

AIG Retirement Services is expanding its FutureFit participant digital platform with the launch of FutureFit Wellness Check. The interactive assessment tool guides users in developing a personalized action plan and provides access to financial wellness education modules, including topics like budgeting, debt management, emergency savings and more. FutureFit Wellness Check is available to eligible employees, not just those enrolled as retirement plan participants.

– Expected to launch in summer 2022, ADP will offer an integration with benefits and healthcare management platform Nayya. This integration will provide ADP customers with employee-focused benefit decision support capabilities, including guided benefit support and personalized recommendations. Available first with ADP Workforce Now, the offering will expand to other ADP Benefits Solutions in 2023.


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