How employees can address AI transparency and privacy concerns

Author and keynoter Andrew Davis suggests an approach to implementing a policy for AI usage within your company.

Andrew Davis is the Keynoter for the Ragan 2024 Social Media Conference.

Is there a sense that using AI at work is plagiarism or cheating? Andrew Davis, the author of the book “Brandscaping,” says that many professionals see it that way. However, Davis says communicators can avoid concerns — and even legal trouble — if they are transparent about usage.

Davis sat down with Matt Kinsman, Chief Content Officer at Ragan, at the 2024 Social Media Conference following his keynote address about “IA as opposed to AI,” intelligence augmentation versus artificial intelligence. In this Power Conversation, Davis dives into the best practices employees and organizations should establish around AI usage and the necessary disclosures.

For employees with privacy and copyright concerns, Davis suggests implementing a usage policy in the company.

“I think it is something you need as an organization to get ahead of and really truly set your own ethical and legal guidelines based on what you as an organization and as a person believe is right.”

This session also tackles questions around what input communicators should avoid during conversations with chatbots. Davis discusses the dangers of deepfakes and sharing proprietary information with AI.

Watch below to learn more about how to work with AI responsibly, as well as recommendations for AI-powered tools for writing, research, images and even generative video.

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