How to embed DE&I into your organizational processes

Integrating inclusive principles can be a critical solution to many business problems and achieving goals.

As a communicator, you have a daily opportunity to make diversity, equity and inclusion a core part of your work. Whether editing an email, planning a town hall, editing CEO talking points or working with HR, your intentional commitment plays a huge role in nurturing an inclusive workplace culture that can increase employee engagement and reduce turnover.

Ragan Consulting Group has crafted the free guide, “Everyday DE&I” to help you understand the responsibility communicators have in modeling tone, approach, language and visuals.

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to create an inclusive communications guide
  • How to avoid unconscious bias with conscious communication
  • The importance of avoiding performative action and responding authentically to cultural moments
  • Strategies for convincing hesitant leaders
  • Tips for responding to backlash over diversity work
  • And much more

Download Ragan Consulting Group’s free guide today and start building your communications on a foundation of empathy and inclusion.

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