How to ensure your email engagement thrives instead of dives

Let PoliteMail data be your guide to a more fruitful and effective strategy in a post-pandemic environment.

Corporate communicators have stepped up to become heroes during the pandemic.

How can you maintain messaging momentum and keep that career trajectory trending upward? One crucial way to excel is to strengthen your email strategy and execution.

PoliteMail’s new “Email best practices” guide offers a trove of smart guidance to fuel your COVID-era communication. The free download provides clarity on how to maximize messaging during this historic period of workplace upheaval, along with data-backed tips to make sure your email cuts through the noise. Citing analysis from 1.5 billion emails sent to 8.5 million employees worldwide, the guide covers:

  • How to reduce email overload. How much is too much? Learn how to strike that delicate balance between consistency and excess.
  • Insights to improve messaging decisions and timing. If you’re blasting out messages willy-nilly, you’ll likely be ignored. There’s a science behind when to send emails.
  • Benchmark metrics for reach, frequency, readership, and engagement. Want to know how your numbers stack up to competitors in different industries? PoliteMail has loads of relevant data to examine and chew on.
  • How to present email data to execs in meaningful ways. Learn what numbers matter, along with how best to present your findings.
  • The top seven email best practices you should start following today. Get guidance on word counts, visuals, formatting, links and more.
  • Using data to create emails employees will actually read—and possibly even enjoy! This is what communication is all about, right? Learn how to craft messaging that will inspire, uplift and motivate your colleagues.

To make your emails an asset rather than a liability, download your free guide from PoliteMail today.

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