This is what employees want in a healthcare vendor, research shows

U.S. employers are looking for new and enhanced healthcare vendor solutions to meet the needs of employees.

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According to new research by WTW, U.S. employers are planning to prioritize new and enhanced healthcare vendor solutions, including improved solutions to workforce wellbeing, enhanced employee experience, support for attraction and retention goals and reduced medical claim costs.

Among the most important or very important capabilities employers are looking for in new vendor partners are:

  • Ability to address a broad range of needs — 86%
  • Ability to integrate with existing vendors — 86%
  • Access to innovative approaches and leading the market — 84%
  • Guaranteed return on investment — 78%

Mental and financial health solutions remain in the top five key areas of focus for 2024. Mental health came in first with respondents to a WTW survey, with 30% ranking it first, 24% ranking it second and 12% ranking it their third key area. Financial wellbeing ranked fifth place, with 6% of survey respondents ranking it first, 15% ranking it second and 20% ranking it third. Overall general wellbeing can in second place on the top five.

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With mental health and financial wellbeing being a huge focus for employers, how is your organization looking to improve on these areas?

Take a look at more of the numbers from the survey below:

Courtesy of WTW

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