Outdoor spaces, fitness center and employee store make PlayStation an amazing workplace

Lobby, café and Lego wall also contribute to workplace culture.

Inside Sony's amazing workplace

An organization’s physical environment is one component of its culture that employees interact with every single day. Creating an amazing workplace helps reinforce and strengthen the desired culture. PlayStation takes this seriously. The company’s approach to its workplace has earned it first place in the “Amazing Workplaces” category (Employee Experience division) of Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards.

It begins with the lobby of the San Mateo, California, headquarters, where employees and visitors are greeted by a history of the company and welcomed by game characters. The space is used for employee events like a sale of discounted games, proceeds from which went to charity.

Outdoor spaces include courtyards and quads, used for employee events, meetings, coffee chats, socializing and outdoor breaks. Conference rooms, named after games and characters, are high-tech and available to any employee for meetings, game challenges and charitable activities.

The employee store is available for employees to buy company products and branded goods. A fitness center offers a full range of equipment, classes and locker rooms. Employees also help build the Lego wall at the company’s San Francisco office and eat at campus cafés that offer satisfying and healthy food (and reusable cups, cutlery and containers).

Congrats to PlayStation for its commitment to providing employees an amazing workplace.


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