Ragan research: The state of workplace wellness and employee experience

Where can comms and HR have the greatest impact, foster deeper cultural buy-in and contribute to a positive, healthy employee experience?

With economic turmoil, rising inflation and the surge in stress levels during and after the COVID-19 crisis, communications and HR professionals alike are increasing their focus on employee wellness in an overall effort to support financial, mental, physical and other programs that enhance employee happiness and satisfaction.

Check out Ragan’s free report, “The State of Workplace Wellness and Employee Experience 2023,”  which culls results from Ragan’s 2023 Communications Benchmark Report and Ragan’s 2023 Salary and Workplace Culture survey to better understand the focus areas of workplace wellness where communicators and HR professionals can have the greatest impact, and how they can foster deeper cultural buy-in that adds to a positive, healthy employee experience.

We’ll delve into what these results mean across business functions during Ragan’s Employee Experience and Wellness Conference, going down Aug. 14-17 in Denver, CO. If you haven’t already, be sure to register now!


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