Survey: How is AI reshaping your internal communications department?

Ragan and Ruder Finn seek insights from internal comms leaders on the state and future of AI in their departments. 

Even if your communications department hasn’t already integrated AI tools into its workflows and processes, an AI-fueled future is certainly on the horizon for the entire profession — and every comms leader is keenly aware of that fact, whether they face it with excitement or trepidation. 

Ragan has teamed up with Ruder Finn to conduct a survey gauging where senior and executive-level comms professionals stand on AI, how they’re currently using it, how (and if) they plan to use it in the future and their hopes and concerns for the changes it will bring.  

This  survey examines: 

  • Current practices, goals, tools and technology currently used in your comms department. 
  • Levels of understanding and tech literacy around AI-powered tools and solutions. 
  • The pain points and tasks that AI may help solve or provide improvement. 
  • The training needed to get organizations up to speed on AI tools for internal communicators. 
  • Predictions, attitudes and concerns around incorporating AI into communications strategies. 

Your anonymous participation in this survey will contribute to a deeper understanding of the evolving role of AI in communications, informing future strategies in the field. Your perspective will help every communicator stay informed about the landscape and future trajectory of AI in the discipline. 

Participants will have access to the final survey results and will be eligible for prizes provided by Ragan and Ruder Finn. 

Take the survey here. 


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