As we await the final results of an exhausting election cycle, refresh your mind with these helpful wellness resources and insights.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,” the World Health Organization said as far back as 1948. We agree. In fact, that’s close to this newsletter’s own definition of workplace wellness. In this issue, we offer a cross section of wellness topics. Read on.—The Ragan Team


AT&T and Comcast harness the power of ERGs to fuel productivity and DE&I success. Collaboration holds companies accountable, while employees feel heard. lock icon members only

EX—the employee experience—still has a long way to go at many organizations. New data from Gallagher shows that while organizational leaders are thinking about employee wellness and belonging, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Pandemic highlighted workers’ financial vulnerability: Previewing the April 21 Workplace Wellness Conference. Organizations must seek solutions that help employees to stop being distracted by their finances.

Ragan stands with the AAPI community. Statement from Diane Schwartz, CEO of Ragan Communications, in support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. lock icon members only

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Report: Wide gap in how employees and employers perceive investment in workplace wellness. In a new report from Harris Poll and Just Capital, management and workers see big differences in whether their organizations put well-being and health above profits. lock icon members only

A year into the pandemic, workplace mental health must remain a top priority. Fresh research provides candid insights on how employees are still struggling to adjust—and how employers can meaningfully support workers in our post-COVID world. lock icon members only


There’s a significant divergence in perception between employees and employers on pandemic-related health and safety issues, including whether employees had a say in developing a COVID-19 safety plan, according to research from Just Capital.

Steps that organizations and individuals can take to create a sustainable, supportive workplace. APCO Worldwide’s Margery Kraus and Ragan Communications’ Diane Schwartz share their thoughts on bolstering the ranks of women leaders in the PR industry. 


Create A Movement Mindset. To help get employees moving in a healthier direction in 2021, Ergotron has published “Create a Movement Mindset.” The free download offers helpful, practical tips to get workers moving more throughout the day, which can boost productivity, morale and your organization’s bottom line.

Are you ready for your workforce to come back to the office? Communications will be at the heart of any successful effort to reboard your employees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how to plan for a changed business world.


Media Relations & Measurement
April 7, 2021

Virtual workshop: The Future of Work: How to navigate your organization’s return (or not) to the workplace
April 14, 2021 

The Workplace Wellness Conference, presented by Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Insider
April 21, 2021


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