Survey: Nearly 40% of remote workers feel pressured to clock extra hours

New data reveals insights into the mental strain as employees work from home, including a constant burden to produce and always be on.

Remote workers feeling pressure to clock more hours

Working from home offers a wonderful array of advantages for employees, but there are subtle pressures that can exact a toll over time.

Blind, an anonymous professional network that gains raw insights from more than 3 million verified tech and finance professionals, ran a survey asking:

  • Do you feel obligated to reply to work emails, regardless of time of the day?
  • Do you contact your boss often or stay on your laptop so you appear to be working hard remotely?
  • Do you feel like your boss values you based on how many hours you work?

Blind found that, “Thirty-six percent of professionals feel obligated to reply to work emails, regardless of time of the day.”

It also found that just “33% of professionals have received a date as to when they are expected to return to the office,” so a huge majority of telecommuters could be in for a lengthy spell of remote work.

Read our full coverage and insights based on Blind’s new data.

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