Top trends for internal comms pros to consider

Employee experience tops the list in ContactMonkey’s survey findings

Employee experience matters

According to ContactMonkey’s annual survey, “Global State of Internal Communications 2022,” employee experience is the most significant factor for comms pros to consider in internal communication employee strategies overall. Forty-seven percent of internal communicators struggle with low levels of employee responsiveness amid ongoing shifts in where and how we work, per the survey.

The annual survey gathered data from companies with up to 10,000 employees, with responses from those working in internal comms, HR and marketing. The survey highlights key trends in detail, including employee experience, new blended workforce, DE&I, the future of work/remote hybrid work, employee recognition, dialogue and soliciting feedback, speed of tech adaptation, and other facets of internal comms.

Get other insights including:

  • The breakdown of in-office, hybrid and remote workplaces.
  • The biggest barriers in adapting to remote work.
  • The most valuable tool for communicators.
  • The increasing prominence of internal comms.

For more findings, watch the free, on-demand “Top Trends Communicators Need to Know” presentation on the survey here.

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