VIDEO: Merck’s Craig Thomason advises aspiring leaders to become ‘learn-it-alls’

Thomason shares the soft skills that will make future leaders successful in their careers.

Ragan’s Council Career Conversations, a recurring series within Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council,  gives council members a chance to illuminate their career paths and unpack lessons learned along the way

In a recent interview with Craig Thomason, director of global employee and executive communications at Merck, he emphasized that pairing leaders don’t need to know it all. “I think leaders should be inclined to be ‘learn-it-alls’,” he said.

“Individuals can appreciate when a leader isn’t quite sure about a particular subject, isn’t quite sure about what an answer may be, but really has respect for him or her when they follow up through any kind of learning or understanding, reading or training, and find out.

Thomason also emphasized how difficult it can become to feel pressure to know everything right away – especially when you’re starting a new role.  He emphasized that a good communicator is less about knowing everything, and more about the soft skills that come with active listening.

“Some of the best leaders that I’ve experienced are ones that don’t talk that much, but listen a lot,” added Thomason. “And when they do talk, it’s based on everything they’ve heard and what they’ve assessed. Being able to gauge those things and provide wise input”

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