VIDEO: REI’s Halley Knigge on honing your personal core values

Knigge shares tips on matching your leadership style with the right org and working your way to your dream job.

Ragan’s Council Career Conversations, a recurring series within Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council,  gives council members a chance to illuminate their career paths and unpack lessons learned along the way

In a recent interview with Halley Knigge, divisional vice president of communications, community and inclusion at REI, she stressed that figuring out who you are and what you care about as a leader is a continuous process.

” have a lot of thoughts, convictions, and personal core values that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and honing for myself,” she said, “and that helps me determine where I want to work, who I want to work for, what kind of leader I want to be. Being really clear on that can help you find the right home for the style of leader that you are.”

Knigge often tells people that the style of leader REI is interested in is the exact type of leader she wants to be. She considers this match a testament to being clear on who you are, what you care about and where you won’t compromise.

Often interacting with a lot of undergraduate students at conferences lately, many ask her how they get a job at a company like hers and tell her it seems like a dream job.

“I just try to remind everyone not every job is going to be your dream job,” she continued. “Most jobs are not going to be your dream job, but there are going to be amazing things that you can learn no matter where you are or where you’re working that is going to help you get to that dream job eventually.”

Knigge shares  more in the full episode, available here:

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