4 content strategies that fuel recruitment

Consider these tactics to help share the story of what it’s like to work at your company–and why new candidates should be eager to to join you.

While the labor shortage is causing problems for U.S. companies right now, unemployment remains high, so we have lots of open opportunities and workers without jobs. According to Indeed, though, that may change as more people feel a greater sense of urgency to return to work.

So how can companies attract these potential job seekers?

This is where content marketing comes into play. As potential employees begin seeking work again, businesses can tap into their PR and marketing teams to incorporate content into their recruitment strategies and position their companies in front of the right talent at the right time.

Content can help you be found online by talented job seekers, and while you’re gathering eager candidates with your job descriptions, you’ll also be building your reputation as a relevant, exciting employer. Your company can paint a picture for potential job candidates about what their lives and careers might be like if they worked for you. You can also showcase company values, philosophies, progression paths, and culture so you can stand out in front of your ideal hires.

Here are four content strategies you can use:

1. Use your company blog to educate.

Top talent will be looking at companies’ blogs to learn about the business, its industry expertise and what the business offers. Top candidates know that intellectual curiosity and continuing education are important, and they want to work for an employer that prioritizes learning as well. Make sure your blog is packed with lessons you’ve learned, information on industry trends and how your company is striving to be better every day.

2. Contribute to external publications to widen your reach.

If you’re hoping to attract a new, diverse pool of talent, you can’t just post on your company blog. You have to position your company in front of new audiences online.

A great way to do that? Guest posts in external publications. Writing articles like these will allow you to discuss your company’s values and philosophies in front of a wider audience and position your business as a sought-after place to work.

For example, when I wrote a guest post for Harvard Business Review about our company’s mental health policy, I wasn’t actively trying to recruit new team members, but a byproduct was that any job seekers with a similar view of the importance of mental health would see our company as an immediate contender in their job hunts.

3. Get direct with potential hires.

It’s not enough to release content out into the world and hope that recruits will stumble upon your best, most relevant pieces. Instead, reach out directly to individual recruits. Set potential hires up for success by sending the most important pieces of content for them to read, such as:

  • a website page that details your service offerings
  • a blog post that outlines your place in the industry
  • information on what it’s like to work at your company
  • a page about your company’s core values.

When you send helpful content to people who have taken the first step in applying to your vacancy, you can answer their most pressing questions, and you could even persuade them to put you at the top of their list of great places to work.

4. Use social media to stay top of mind.

Your social channels are the closest a new recruit can come to spending some time in the daily flow of your workplace, so sell them on it. Post content on your social channels that recruits might find helpful, and share about your company culture and employees, too, so potential hires can get a feel for what it might be like to join your team.

Right now, hiring can be tricky. Thankfully, content can help. For this unique moment in the landscape of work, you can use your words to speak clearly to your next generation of talent and help them see why they should take their next career step with you.

Kelsey Raymond is the co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co., a full-service content marketing firm.


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