5 ways brands can use Twitter Fleets

See how companies are making a splash with this new ephemeral content feature on the loved (and loathed) “bird app.”

Twitter users now have more ways to create content and stay informed.

The platform recently introduced its new “Stories” feature, called Fleets, which enables users to share “momentary” text, links, GIFs, photos and videos up to 30 seconds in duration. Just like other popular Stories features on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, Twitter Fleets also have a 24-hour expiring format.

Here’s how some companies are capturing the latest Twitter trend–and how you can, too:

1. Promote your podcast episodes.

With so many thousands of podcasts to sift through, getting discovered on iTunes can be a tough task. However, if your brand is keen to attract new listeners, try promoting your program via Twitter Fleets.

Best Techie, a website that shares tech industry news and insights, is using Twitter Fleets to promote new episodes of its “TechieBytes” podcast.

2. Promote your webinars.

Webinars are a great way to showcase your company’s expertise, industry knowledge, products and services. If your company already hosts weekly or monthly webinars, consider using Twitter Fleets to reach a broader audience.

Bloomberg recently shared a Fleets tweet featuring the Bloomberg New Economy Forum to boost a recent conversation about the future of cities in a post-pandemic world. From glancing at the post, you can see what the topic of the forum is, how much engagement that tweet has and what the hashtag is to engage with the event.

3. Share the results from your Twitter poll

Fast Company recently used Fleets to promote a poll about how its followers perceived the U.S.A.’s “brand” moving forward.

You can see lives results of the Twitter Poll, and the arrow on the post makes it clear that the poll is still open for more opinions.  

4. Encourage newsletter sign-ups. 

To expand your subscriber list and email base, consider sharing choice cuts from a recent newsletter in your Twitter Fleets.

To spark more participation, Businessweek used the new feature as a call-to-action for feedback. The post also includes a link to the newsletter where people can sign up. 

5. Share your holiday gift guide

CNET is using Fleets to showcase flashes of thoughtfully curated TV and streaming products from its holiday gift guide.

When you tap to the next post, you can get more details on the gift guide and also click through to the full piece.

Is your company planning on using Twitter Fleets? Or is this just another flash in the pan trend that will quickly fade?

Please leave your suggestions or thoughts in the comments below.

Samiha Fariha is an account executive at Torchia Communications. Follow Samiha on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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