8 comms podcasts worth turning up the volume for

Podcasts can be used as a source of information for internal communicators to gain knowledge.

It’s becoming more common to turn to podcasts for reliable information and news. Now, as long as the sources for the information being shared are legitimate, industry podcasts can be just as valuable as an encyclopedia.

The channels that we rely on for career development are ever-evolving.

Information overflows from on-the-job training to traditional schooling, mentors, books, colleagues, the internet and even podcasts. Over the past few years, podcasts have become a unique and perhaps slept-on resource for internal communicators and other professionals.

Now, when communicators seek a convenient way to stay up on current industry trends, you can find a specific episode or an entire series dedicated to that very topic.

It’s becoming more common to turn to podcasts for reliable information and news.  Now, as long as the sources for the information being shared are legitimate, industry podcasts can be just as valuable as an encyclopedia.

While there are dozens of podcasts that cater to internal communicators at all stages of their careers, here are eight that you should binge right now:

1. “Candid Comms” with Rachel Miller

”Candid Comms,” hosted by international comms consultant and trainer Rachel Miller, provides internal communication professionals with timely, topical advice and guidance to help you thrive in your role.

In episode six of season three, the podcast discusses what internal comms needs to know about organizational culture— a trending, relevant topic across the board as job seekers and the employed alike seek to work somewhere with a positive, employee-led culture.

2. “Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast”

 “Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast” offers thoughtful conversations designed to inspire and teach listeners how to take their employee outreach to the next level.

Guests like “The Relationship Protocol” author Debra Roberts join the digital platform to discuss a myriad of topics including, workplace culture, the great resignation, communications tools and brand strategy.

In a recent episode, Roberts shares her take on current, common communication flaws and the steps you can take to remedy your strategy.

This episode focuses on communicating in a remote environment, suggesting that over-communicating in such an environment is warranted.

3.“Calm Edged Rebels”

The “Calm Edged Rebels” podcast covers a broad range of subjects that are meant to inspire, from imposter syndrome to the relationship between fear and trust.

Hosted by a trio of experts — communications and confidence consultant Advita Patel, comms consultant and executive coach Trudy Lewis and business communications strategist Jenni Field — the latest episode looks at leadership priorities for 2022 and beyond.

Overarching themes during the episode include building psychologically safe and inclusive environments, understanding your teams and looking after people, talent retention, creative and innovative approaches to business models, staying open to change and personal growth.

4. “Redefining Communications with Jenni Field”

Business Communications Strategist Jenni Field, shares tips and advice on how to take your organization or team from chaos to calm.

In these 15-minute episodes Field covers a variety of topics from employee communications, organizational culture, leadership and hybrid working.

In her latest episode, Field looks at the chaos that comes from a lack of prioritization and touches on the importance of clarity for your team to ensure you’re being realistic and fair to yourself as part of the process.

5. “Engaging Internal Comms” with Craig Smith

Hosted by Craig Smith of The Big Picture People, “Engaging Internal Comms” features industry experts who bring new and innovative ideas to the internal communications profession.

Smith opens up the show with a preview of what to expect for the next episode and brings up current happenings such as the death of Queen Elizabeth II and how organizations and people are grappling with rising economic costs.

In episode 18 of season three, Smith delves into storytelling and organizational communications and discusses how using stories can bring things to life.

6. “The Smart Communications Podcast”

The podcast helps busy nonprofit leaders build their communications skills and develop their organization’s voice. While the audio show is geared toward communicators in the non-profit sector, communicators in other fields can take away some gems that can be applicable to the industry they work in.

The September 28th episode features a quick, insightful and engaging conversation held between Farra Trompeter, co-director of the Big Duck and Fatima Jones, senior director of marketing and communications at the Apollo, about what a high-functioning internal communications team can look like.

One key point Jones highlighted during the discussion was keeping staff as part of the rollout of your organization’s plan.

 7. “Building Better Cultures with Scott McInnes”

Hosted by Scott McInnes, founder of Inspiring Change the podcast features guests, who discuss how really good internal comms, engagement and leadership all contribute to building better internal cultures.

In a June 1 episode, Kevin Empey, managing director of WorkMatters, details where the priorities must lie for leaders invested in cultivating agility as well as sustainability in a conversation about the future of work.

8. “The Internal Comms Podcast” with Katie Macaulay

The podcast with weekly episodes, hosted by Katie Macaulay, managing director of AB and a leading voice in employee communication, explores how communications can get better at work with internal comms pros sharing lessons in leadership, how to create comms with purpose and how purpose and values drive healthy cultures.

In a recent episode, “Combatting IC Isolation,” points discussed include how to talk about internal comms to your boss, how to build a supportive community around yourself and some rules to life.

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