A look at the new and improved Yammer

This free webcast from Yammer dives into the platform’s new capabilities to help you better engage your remote workforce.

Yammer's new rollout webcast

Reimagined. New capabilities. A new Yammer.

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new and improved Yammer will help you be a more efficient communicator. Need to build communities of interest to keep your now remote workforce engaged? Yammer does it. Want to easily gather ideas and feedback to keep your team informed, aligned and moving forward? Yammer can do it.

Gather your team and join this can’t miss free webcast as Dan Holme, Yammer’s director of product marketing, unveils the new Yammer.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • Tactics to improve engagement and enhance communication in your organization
  • How to build communities of interest, gather ideas and feedback
  • How to keep everyone informed, aligned and moving forward
  • How to communicate at scale to keep employees informed and involved
  • How to communicate with your organization about updates, announcements, policies and procedures, and other news

Download this webcast to learn how to best engage a remote workforce.


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