WEBINAR: The importance of strategic communication in uncertain times

Ragan’s upcoming webinar with Staffbase will explore comms pros can make their organization more resilient.

Strong communication is the bedrock that keeps organizations stable during tough times—and it starts with being transparent. Just as honesty is always the best policy, open communication with employees may seem a bit risky at first, especially when the future is unknown. Of course, a strategic communications strategy can help you stay resilient and open at the same time.

On Feb. 9, Ragan and Staffbase are partnering to bring you an informative, FREE webinar on how best to communicate internally during moments of uncertainty.

You’ll leave with:

  • Steps that internal comms can take to support organizational resilience.
  • An understanding of how comms can build trust between leaders and employees.
  • Strategies for keeping open communication with your workforce, even when you don’t have all the answers.
  • And much more.

Register for the webinar here.


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