August 2021 Workplace Wellness Guide

Get the latest on employee well-being trends, tools and technology.

Wellness guide 8-21

As we head toward the fall of 2021, there’s been plenty of progress in workplace wellness.

The discipline has evolved from 2020’s emergency responses to an integrated set of organizational initiatives and policies built for the long haul. Still, 2021 has been challenging in its own right. COVID surged in the summer, burnout and fatigue remain at crisis levels, tensions between employees and employers have emerged, and plans for the return to the workplace were disrupted.

All these things and more affirm the value of a robust workplace wellness program. Here’s a sampling of practical guidance from Workplace Wellness Insider that connects worker well-being to business results.

Also, check out the latest tools and products from our valued partners that can help you address all these emerging issues and implement a successful employee wellness program.

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Both Biles and Naomi Osaka, elite athletes of color, withdrew from competition at momentous junctures.

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Called ‘DHG Anywhere,’ the new set of hybrid policies come after employees called for a new normal.

7 mental-health program mistakes you should avoid

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5 tips for employers to help workers cope with pandemic PTSD

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Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse

Improving well-being programs not only boosts employees’ health and productivity, it can also reduce costs for your organization.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where you should be focusing your efforts and resources to enhance these programs?

Register for Ragan’s FREE webinar, in partnership with Virgin Pulse, How Data Can Improve Well-Being Programs & Reduce Costs, to learn how data bolster your HR efforts and optimize your employee benefits and wellness programs. You’ll also learn how to better communicate wellness information to your entire workforce.

Vida Health                                                                                                                                                      Vida Health

Vida Health is a virtual care company that treats mind and body together. Vida’s clinically validated approach combines an AI-powered, personalized mobile app experience with a national network of high-quality providers that maximizes engagement, outcomes, and savings.

Vida offers video, messaging, and digital content to help people prevent, manage, and reverse physical conditions — like diabetes and hypertension — and the mental conditions that accompany them — like stress, depression, and anxiety.

Download these essential resources to utilize Vida’s evidence-based best practices in virtual health:



As much as organizations prefer to keep things simple, employee well-being is complex, evolving and unique to each individual.
According to recent Limeade research, 47% of employees say problems in their personal lives affect their overall work performance. That’s why it is so important to amplify care for your employees by offering programs and activities—grounded in science—that can aid in personal improvement and increase performance.
Limeade’s free webinar, How to Create Healthier and More Productive Employee Cultures, outlines the key factors influencing whole-person well-being and which of those factors we can actually change. Hear Limeade Institute expert Dr. Laura Hamill, co-founder and chief science advisor, bust the common myths about your workforce’s well-being and provide real-life examples and implications for the truth behind the myths.
Watch the webinar today




Shared experiences create powerful bonds, a dynamic that’s essential to the success of new employees at all organizations. But when onboarding team members is done on a remote basis, establishing that dynamic is much more challenging.
Onboarding is an even more critical touch point for introducing new employees to the company culture in the post-pandemic hiring landscape.
With all this in mind, Ergotron has created a whitepaper that lays out the key principles for a successful remote onboarding process that will help guide you through the process for each and every new employee.
Download your copy today to create a healthy, flexible and unique company culture, no matter where employees work.


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