Benchmarking survey digs deep into internal, external comms

Ever wonder how others’ communications teams are structured? How often most organizations conduct an audit? Take part in this survey, and you’ll earn a chance to win a $200 Visa card.

Internal comms survey results

Interested in furthering your understanding of your industry—while gaining the chance to win $200?

An exclusive new industry survey from Ragan Communications will shed light on the communications field and could put one of five $200 Visa gift cards in your pocket.

The anonymous poll will be written up in a report that will help professionals benchmark themselves against their peers in areas such as budgets, team structure, outsourcing of comms, salary range and other vital information. Survey takers will receive an executive summary of the findings.

The results will help professionals better grasp standard practices across the industry. The writeup will arm those seeking to negotiate salaries and budgets with their executives. But those interested in taking the survey must move quickly: The opportunity expires Oct. 22.

“It will take you less than 15 minutes to complete this Communications Benchmark Survey, and your responses will contribute to the body of knowledge on communications challenges and successes,” says Mandy Zaransky, Ragan Communications’ chief operating officer and head of leadership councils.

Responses will be held in strict confidence, as the results will be aggregated and anonymized, she says.

Participants “will receive the executive summary of the results, which I am confident will help you plan for 2020 and beyond,” Zaransky says.

Plus, everyone filling out the online survey will be entered into a Nov. 15 drawing for one of five $200 Visa gift cards.

Here are a few questions the survey poses:

  • How would you rate the overall state of your organization’s communications?
  • How are you using the results of your communication measurement?
  • When was the last time you conducted a full internal communications audit?
  • What is the appropriate salary range for someone with the job title communications manager?
  • What is standing in your way of producing more effective communications?

The survey digs into issues such as top channels, ownership of crisis comms, the percentage of desk versus remote workers, and challenges that hinder success. It gathers data on what forms of communication are most effective, from the intranet to corporate announcements.

Click here for your chance to win a Visa card, improve overall knowledge within the industry and gain a report rounding up the survey results.

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