February 2021 Workplace Wellness Guide

Get practical guidance to connect worker well-being to business results, and check out the latest tools and products from our valued partners.

Feb 2021 Workplace Wellness Guide

After the turmoil and disruptions of 2020, workplace wellness is more important than ever. It’s increasingly the key to foundational success for all kinds of organizations. After all, a healthy workforce is generally a happy workforce, and make no mistake, a happy workforce drives results.

Read on for some practical guidance to connect worker well-being to business results, and thrive in the fast-changing arena of workplace wellness and to check out the latest tools and products from our valued partners.


Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is the industry’s largest, most comprehensive digital health and wellbeing solution and services provider, and the first to deliver a fully unified Homebase for Health™ ecosystem that supports clients and members across the entire health, wellbeing and benefits lifecycle. By integrating live services, robust digital capabilities, certified health content, artificial intelligence (AI) and rich data, Virgin Pulse engages members in personalized programs, activities and interventions to drive health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. From screening and assessment to activation, behavior change and the adoption of sustainable, healthy habits to benefits navigation, condition management, gaps in care closure and digital therapeutics, Virgin Pulse’s flexible, “whole person” solutions are designed to meet people wherever they are on their health journey. Today, 12 million+ users in more than 190 countries rely on Virgin Pulse to change their lives—and businesses—for good.

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Uncomplicated Ideas to Improve Workday Well-Being
The way we live has forever changed with new routines and blurred lines between work and home life. Now more than ever, developing a movement mindset can make a significant impact on health and well-being whether employees work from home, have returned to the office or do a bit of both.
In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The real impact of a sedentary workday
  • How leaders can support employee well-being
  • Strategies for making healthy changes stick
  • Through small shifts and the science of habit change, employers and employees can make a lasting positive impact on individual well-being and organizational success.

WebMD Health Services


WebMD Health Services: A Well-Being Partner You Can Trust
Too frequently well-being program engagement plateaus, preventing employees from reaching their full potential. If your program doesn’t generate excitement and results year after year, then it’s time to Move Up with a well-being partner you can rely on.

We partner with employers to lift their program up by incorporating a behavior change approach that’s grounded in our proven 9 Best Practices. These program essentials—combined with the person-first WebMD ONE platform—are the keys to moving past high-level engagement stats to real health results. When implementing these best practices, organizations see a 2.3X reduction in employee health risks and nearly 60% of participants report improvements in well-being. Are you ready to take your well-being program to the next level? Contact us today to request a program assessment.



Effective communication drives well-being program awareness and participation. Unfortunately, many well-being programs still depend on unreliable communications channels like posters, brochures, physical mail and email. 80% of the global workforce is deskless, and most of them do not use computers or a corporate email address for their work. This causes a huge communications gap. Program participation suffers and HR misses opportunities to send urgent messages and update employees with relevant benefits information.

Limeade Well-Being is different. The Limeade ONE mobile app enables you to reach every employee within your organization — no matter where they are. With communications functionality built-in, Limeade Well-Being empowers admins and program champions to easily deliver timely and relevant information to targeted employee groups. This gives you the power to improve the physical, emotional, financial and work well-being of your entire employee population. With Limeade, you can reach the right user at the right time with the right message. Uncover the true power of reaching your entire workforce.

Workplace from Facebook

As a comms goal, employee experience was already starting to emerge as a natural successor to employee engagement because it puts people’s needs at the heart of the business. With the shift in employee expectations driven by COVID-19 (90% of companies believe their culture actually improved while working remotely), there can be no going back to the old, top-down comms strategies. Here’s how to get started with employee experience. Workplace from Facebook is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company, even if they’re working remotely. Use familiar features like Groups, Chat, Rooms and Live Video broadcasting to get people talking and working together and boost your employee experience.


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