How to build a communications plan for returning to a hybrid workplace

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We’ve reached a historic, pivotal crossroads in the way work gets done.

As companies scramble to adapt to pandemic-era chaos and uncertainty, employees are in a disconcerting state of flux. And that’s bad news for employers.

More bad news: According to McKinsey, 68% of companies haven’t communicated a clear vision for post-pandemic work. This lack of clarity can have awful consequences on employee productivity, morale and engagement. In contrast, organizations that do effectively communicate post-pandemic plans are poised to win big.

But how can you hit all the right notes amid such turmoil?

Join us for a free webinar featuring Priya Bates, founder of Inner Strength Communication, who’ll reveal tactics to reduce employee anxiety through the rollout of detailed hybrid work policies, guidelines and expectations.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to redefine the role and purpose of internal communications in engaging employees—regardless of where they work.
  • The most important points to consider when planning your return-to-workplace strategy.
  • How to build a comprehensive return-to-work communications plan.
  • How people-focused and omnichannel communications capabilities can support your hybrid work plan.
  • How to build a comms plan for returning to a hybrid workplace.

Attend this free session today, and establish a healthy foundation and framework for your workplace moving forward.

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