How to help remote employees create a workspace that supports their well-being

Employees slumped over their kitchen table aren’t only less productive and happy—they are also more likely to sustain injury from repetitive stress. Here’s how you can guide better habits.

Remote workers are a more permanent part of many companies after the transformation of the pandemic. However, remote work comes with its own challenges for sustaining well-being and employee engagement.

Where companies might have spent money to create an office environment that supported productivity and worker health, that environment has now been outsourced. Are your workers logging in from their kitchen table, curling up like over-cooked shrimp from their living room couch or—even their bed?

Poor posture can hinder employee well-being and even lead to workplace injury, such as back and wrist problems. Those losses could add up for companies that don’t take a proactive role promoting healthy work habits for remote employees.

That’s why Ergotron is offering a webinar, Wellness For Remote Employees, featuring wellness practitioner Betsey Banker to offer tips and tools for encouraging employees to change their workplace and use better furniture to support remote work health.

The recorded webinar covers:

  • Why ergonomics is a priority
  • How to take a proactive approach to adopting sit-stand work habits
  • Tips for confidently managing the process

Get the recording of this webinar and start creating a healthier workplace for your workers today.

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