Infographic: 10 ways to build community in a hybrid world of work

Effective leadership is crucial to a successful hybrid team. Visual Capitalist’s infographic identifies how to create a culture of leadership among dispersed employees.

As local governments lift COVID-19 restrictions and some employees head back to in-person work, many organizations are seeing an increasingly dispersed workforce.

Some employees are fully in-person, while others work a hybrid schedule and additional workers are fully remote.

Companies face a culture challenge: How do you create community when your employees are all over the country—and sometimes the world?

The infographic below from Visual Capitalist identifies 10 strategies companies can adopt to help their leaders build community among dispersed workers. The characteristics of a strong leadership culture include:

    1. Making the strategic direction of the organization crystal-clear.
    2. Creating excitement about future initiatives and growth.
    3. Sharing a common goal to be and build good leaders.
    4. Leading with the company’s goals and values in mind.
    5. Calling out unproductive leadership behavior.
    6. Celebrating and recognizing hard work and success.
    7. Crossing departmental boundaries to collaborate efficiently.
    8. Mitigating internal politics and personal agendas.
    9. Demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity.
    10. Building trust through supporting one another.

Comms pros know that corporate community and trust is earned, not given. Give your managers the leadership tools they need to succeed, and you’ll see higher employee engagement and retention rates.

Check out more from the Visual Capitalist infographic here.

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