Infographic: Tips for creating ‘big rock content’

How do you ensure your content strategy will create something your audience can’t ignore? Here’s how you can take a big swing and repurpose your efforts afterward.

When building a content strategy, it’s important to start with something big.

Your big idea—whether it’s research, entertainment or something that combines the two—should be striking enough to grab immediate audience attention and continue to draw eyeballs as you repurpose the content over time.

Start with something big and bold, and then figure out ways to reconfigure what you’ve created to give it a longer online shelf life.

This infographic from NewsCred helps identify how you can make this strategy work.

It offers:

  • Examples of your “big rock content”: white paper, brand film, etc.
  • Steps for creating “big rock content”
  • How “big rock content” drives ROI

See the full infographic for all the details.

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