Why our words (and actions) matter more than ever right now

Speaking on the “Brand Manual” podcast, Ragan CEO Diane Schwartz says communicators must seize this moment to bolster integrity—and help companies keep employees happy, productive and present.

Diane Schwartz on the Brand Manual podcast

What does the future hold for professional communicators?

After so much pandemic upheaval, the sky’s the limit. There’s never been a better time to increase your influence, authority and clout and to secure your seat at the decision-making table. But everything hinges on your ability and willingness to doggedly pursue integrity.

Ragan CEO Diane Schwartz recently shared prescient guidance on this topic (and many others) on the “Brand Manual” podcast, where she offered timely tips and exhortations to benefit comms pros of all stripes. Not least of which: 2022 should be the year of “The Great Retention.”

Perhaps more than ever, “the ball’s in the court of the employee,” Schwartz says, adding that “they have power, and the C-suite is listening.” To remain indispensable, communicators should do everything in their power to “help companies keep their employees happy, productive and present.”

How can you do such a thing when employees continue quitting in droves? “You have to constantly court your employees, just like you do with customers,” Schwartz says.

However, superficial flattery will only get you so far. On integrity: “It’s imperative that there’s transparency. Execs must know when to take a stand and when to listen,” she says, adding that skeptical customers (and employees) will flee if they sense inauthenticity.

Now, the challenge for communicators goes well beyond crafting clever messages or eloquent speeches. Accountability is the new way forward, and communicators must play their part to ensure authenticity remains a top priority.

Communicators have momentum and leverage—and, increasingly, a mandate to act on bold initiatives that encompass much more than traditional messaging territory.

Listen to the full conversation here or below for more guidance.


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