4 media drop strategies to bolster your marketing campaign

Newsjack a national day, promote your CSR program, and don’t forget about radio.

5 media drop tips

Do you have a new product you want to promote?

Or are you looking for creative ways to get people to talk about your brand? Whatever your goal is, media drops are a fun way to grab attention and cut through the clutter.

Here are four fresh media drop ideas:

1. Align your media drop with a holiday.

Whether it’s Re-gifting Day on December 17 or Cheese Lovers Day on January 20, you can be sure there is a weird and wonderful holiday to celebrate on any given day. Savvy brands can take advantage of these quirky days to position their products and as a segue to share helpful tips, discounts, deals and fun contents.

Of course, there are plenty of major holidays, too. Whichever holiday your campaign aligns with, be sensitive, be cautious, and be wise about your wording.

2. Do media drops to promote your CSR program.

Robust, genuine corporate social responsibility can bolster your brand. Touting your charitable efforts can also boost employee morale and help attract and retain customers.

If your brand is donating 30 cents from every purchase of your product to a food bank or a local youth program, why not let people know about it? Pitch your efforts to niche and local publications that might amplify your message.

3. Do a media drop with influencers, customers or ambassadors who have a personal connection with your brand.

Closely monitor your social media for positive mentions of your brand. If you come across someone who may be a good spokesperson, send an email pitch to strike up a conversation to see if they might be a good fit.

People who genuinely like your brand or product will naturally be more compelling and convincing, so prioritize passion over perceived social media “clout.”

4. Do media drops with radio stations.

What’s old is new again. Radio still offers affordable commercial rates and a large listener base, and it’s still a safe and consistent advertising format.

If your brand is buying radio advertising with specific radio stations, consider reaching out to the promotions coordinator from those stations to see whether the morning or the afternoon show hosts would be open to receiving your media drop and also mentioning it on air. Most times, the promotions coordinator would be happy to work with you. If your partnership flourishes, on-air hosts might even mention your media drop campaign on air or share your campaign on social media.

Samiha Fariha is an account executive at Torchia Communications. Follow Samiha on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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