December 2021 Digital Workplace Guide

Get the latest tools, technology and tactics to make your messaging soar.

December 2021 Digital Workplace Guide

As we hustle toward the end of another difficult year, we here at Ragan Communications hope you find peace, health and prosperity amid all the uncertainty.

In the meantime, we hope this month’s batch of articles shed light on timely topics that will strengthen and sharpen your work in 2022.

Also, check out the latest game-changing tools and products from our partners.

What’s in store for remote work in 2022

A roundup of recent research distills 2021’s big workplace trends—and crystallizes the benefits of offering flexible arrangements to employees.

How communicators can capitalize on the stakeholder capitalism trend

By pushing execs to prioritize ESG, employee well-being and workplace inclusion, comms pros can bolster their organizations—and rise to new levels of influence.

13 steps to craft better surveys

Start with the end in mind, give a range of options, and write to be understood.

5 ways internal communicators can take the bull by the horns in 2022

Be proactive about pursuing (or stopping) these initiatives to improve the impact, focus and quality of your work in the coming year.

How to help lead your company through crisis

Try these five tactics to build your internal authority, credibility and influence.

From Our Partners 


In our era of widespread remote work, your employees’ workspaces being cluttered, cramped or chaotic afterthought, could be costing your business dearly—in terms of productivity, morale and even retention. But how can you reverse this trend—and start giving employees the comfort they need and deserve?

Download your free guide to learn how employee well-being can improve your retention and recruiting efforts and start making meaningful strides toward creating a happier, healthier workplace—and workforce.


According to McKinsey, 68% of companies haven’t communicated a clear vision for post-pandemic work, with serious negative consequences on employee productivity.

Leadership, supported by their Internal Communications and HR teams, must communicate a solid plan for post-pandemic work or suffer serious productivity losses.

Watch this free webinar where you will learn how to reduce employee anxiety through the development and communication of detailed hybrid work policies, guidelines and expectations.


Businesses need effective internal communications more than ever.

Sharp, incisive messaging drives employee engagement, morale and growth. But most companies are doing it all wrong—at their own peril.

A new complimentary guide from SnapComms, “Cut-Through Comms That Drive 100% Engagement,” offers practical solutions to help you cut through the clutter and reach your employees with essential messaging. Don’t underestimate the importance of this issue. SnapComms’ research reveals that right now, 30% of every workday is compromised by information overload. As a result, half of all internal communications aren’t read by employees.


Now and in 2022, next-generation digital workplace ecosystems should place human engagement, technology and agility first.

View this complimentary on-demand webinar and hear Workiva share their employee communication learnings from 2021, how company intranets played a significant role in employee experience (and continue to do so!) and how you can continuously refine your corporate intranet experience for a hybrid work environment in 2022.


Boost your email strategy and increase employee engagement

Corporate communicators have a responsibility to inform, educate and motivate their respective audiences.

Beyond that, you have an opportunity (and an obligation) to build trust, provide clarity and make employees feel valued. Amid so much ongoing uncertainty, how can you keep up with these daunting challenges? Much of it comes down to email strategy.

PoliteMail’s latest guide, “Building a Better Employee Experience” will help your company mitigate the “Great Resignation” and retain essential team members. The free download provides the tools you’ll need to build a strong foundation with your employees.

PoliteMail is your one-stop shop for impressive emails and robust metrics, all within Outlook. Learn how to optimize your email communication to keep employees informed and engaged.

Looking for more resources? Check out our free resource center.

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