How communicators can spark a superb sales kickoff

Get five practical steps to help bolster the bottom line.

How comms pros can boost sales

These days, communicators are on the hook for much more than just messaging.

Those who want to truly soar in their careers should be mindful of higher-level business goals and consistently tie their work to important company objectives. That includes doing your part to boost sales and revenue.

Sales kickoffs (SKOs) are one of the most important events on any company’s calendar—and they should be top of mind for you, too. SKOs offer a chance to build buzz about new offerings and ensure the entire organization understands the priorities and roadmap for the year ahead. But how can you take a more proactive, persuasive role in such events? How can communicators build sales engagement, educate internal audiences and reach a global, dispersed team in meaningful ways?

Join Intrado Digital Media and Ragan Communications for a free, on-demand conversation about post-pandemic SKOs—and the role communicators can take to engage and motivate a global workforce. Our panel of experts will share proven strategies to drive successful communication through digital and in-person channels.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose a memorable SKO theme.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Support retention and productivity.
  • Create interactive content that readers will love.
  • Measure SKO success.
  • Collaborate with internal comms, external comms and sales for true success.

Are you ready to secure your seat at the table and become even more indispensable for your organization? Communicators who display a knack for supporting, boosting and fueling sales will have an inside track to C-suite sway—and set yourself up for lasting career success.

Get access to this great event right now!

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