Ragan CEO Diane Schwartz offers industry snapshot for ‘On Top of PR’ podcast

Ahead of the start of Communications Week in Nov., here’s a look at some of the top challenges and opportunities facing communicators and PR pros.


The theme of Communications Week for 2021 is “Transformation” and that’s the unifying theme in what is happening in the industry now for Diane Schwartz, CEO for Ragan Communications.

Especially for internal communicators, it’s been an incredible journey, she shares with Jason Mudd on his “On Top of PR” podcast. The role has changed and the essential traits that will take communicators to the top of their profession and industry are changing, too.

“What we used to call soft skills like empathy, relationship building, trust, and presentation skills, these are hard skills now,” Schwartz says. “They are absolutely necessary.”

The need for strategic thinkers who can both understand the business and offer insightful communications counsel has never been greater.

“We should be hiring people who are curious, who want to learn more, who want to dig in; people who are really curious about the market they serve and the people around them,” Schwartz says.

Listen to the full conversation:


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