Report: 74% of communicators say leadership believes in their value

That indisputable good news hasn’t translated into higher budgets, more resources or investment in third-party tools, according to a new state of the industry report.

There’s no doubt that internal communications is moving away from “nice-to-have” to “must-have” status, but that doesn’t mean the industry is seeing fewer challenges like lack of budgets to invest in technology and resources.

That is one of the key findings in Contact Monkey’s new report, theGlobal State of Internal Communications 2020,” which highlights trends, goals, priorities, challenges, tools and technology and much more.

While most respondents (74%) say leadership believes in the importance of internal communications, that hasn’t resulted in higher budgets, more resources or investment in third-party tools.

Communicators are busy creating a communications strategy that is holistic, timely, clear and consistent to build engagement rates. Measuring their efforts remains a challenge in proving their value, cited by 72% of respondents.

Notably, “employee experience” is the leading trend, according to 71% of respondents, yet 27% report they enjoy healthy engagement levels at their organization, echoed by a Gallup study that reported 13 percent of U.S. employees are “actively disengaged.”

Other highlights of the report include:

  • The priority given to trends including AI, Gen Z, future of the workplace, HR technology and more.
  • Top five goals and priorities (culture change and employee retention among them).
  • Challenges that prevent communicators from demonstrating their true value
  • Key Performance Indicators of internal communicators.
  • Top channels—learn where email, face to face and intranet rank, and where you should focus your efforts.
  • And much more.

Download your copy of the “Global State of Internal Communications 2020 today.

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