Report: How to use your data to guide the return to work

With COVID-19 cases on the decline, leaders who want to bring employees back to the office must know how to use listening and internal data to drive messaging.

Polite Mail's return-to-work guide

Return-to-work decisions should not be taken lightly, nor should plans be made willy-nilly.

Employee feedback and hard data should drive this process. Now is not the time for subjective opinion or out-of-touch executive edicts.

A new report from PoliteMail, “The Ultimate Return to Work Guide,” outlines steps to adopt when charting the best return-to-work decisions for your company.

In the free guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Construct and craft employee surveys, including guidance on frequency and question selection (not to mention free survey templates you can use right away).
  • Segment your audiences to increase messaging effectiveness.
  • Communicate your back-to-work survey process.
  • Perform and present a GAP analysis to see where your leaders, managers and employees are misaligned.
  • Manage internal and external announcements about return-to-work subjects.

Crafting a return-to-work plan is daunting for any company. But there’s plenty you can do to demystify the process. PoliteMail’s guide shares crucial steps you can take to ensure your company makes informed decisions—every step of the way.

The guide will show you how to collect (and analyze) essential data pertaining to business performance and employee preferences. You’ll also gain robust guidance on how to create personalized, smartly-segmented surveys that maximize employee response rates.

Yet more insights from the guide include:

  • Avoiding a disconnect between leadership, management and employees, and working to create a more cohesive post-pandemic work environment.
  • Detailed data collection methods for a company’s range of employees.
  • Addressing employee personal health preferences.
  • Four steps to successfully communicate your return-to-work plans.
  • How to find out whether you’ve made the right return-to-work call—or not.

Communicators can play an integral role in helping your company determine which route is best for your organization. Get your copy of The Ultimate Return to Work Guide for Communication 2021 to feel confident in your plan—and grab your free survey templates to use right now.


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    Ronald N Levy says:

    You don’t have to use the word “sex” to increase employee desire to get vaccinated. You may move the needle by citing psychologists, entertainers and athletes saying that the more an adult enjoys “the pleasures of life” especially being with the opposite sex, the more likely the adult may be to get vaccinated.

    In truth, the virile may be the most vaccinated. Daily Headlines

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