Why it’s so critical to measure your internal comms

Measurement helps us figure out what’s working – and what’s not. Don’t fly blind with your strategy.

Without an internal communications measurement strategy, you’re flying blind. Are people opening your messages? Reading or watching? Acting on it? Without numbers, you have no real way of knowing. Measurement also allows you to tweak and optimize your tactics so they better serve all your internal audiences.

If you’re ready to get serious with your measurement, download Firstup’s free “How to measure Internal Communications” guide.

You’ll get practical resources, including an internal communications measurement glossary and a worksheet to help you set ambitious but achievable goals.

You’ll also learn to:

  • Determine your organization’s overall goals, and then let those drive your communications objectives.
  • Get buy-in from top leadership to get the resources you need.
  • Find the right technology solution that allows you to track KPIs.
  • Follow a workflow to establish a proactive measurement and analysis process.
  • Think like a data scientist.
  • Understand how measurement can improve the employee experience.

With Firstup’s free download, you can make the most of your hard work by tracking progress and celebrating successes.


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