August 2021 Digital Workplace Guide

Get timely tools and tips to enhance your messaging strategies and companywide communication.

Aug 2021 digital workplace guide

As companies deal with an ongoing pandemic, fallout from “The Great Resignation,” and multitudes of other challenges, it’s essential to stay on top of your game to outpace the competition.

Regardless of how your business is proceeding in these turbulent times, you’ll find helpful guidance in the stories below to make your business stronger and more resilient. In the meantime, we wish you success, health and happiness along the way.

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How to strengthen, streamline and simplify internal knowledge
Cross-functional comms and cooperation is linked directly to your bank account. Here’s how to reduce redundancies and prevent confusion for customers and colleagues alike.
Embracing remote work flexibility while maintaining in-person connectivity
Here’s one way to think about structuring a hybrid future for post-pandemic workflows.
5 perks that will draw workers back to the office
Steering people back into an in-person setting will raise expenses–and maybe some hackles–but try these ideas to rebuild camaraderie, reestablish connections and reinvigorate your staffers.
3 tips to rethink your internal comms tech stack
Thinking of upgrading your employee communications tools? Here’s how to keep your tech transition on track—and employees happy about it.

Employee loyalty, engagement plummet to 12-month low
New research confirms that workers are weighing their options—and eager to find greener pastures.

From Our Partners
Did you know that 51% of employees today struggle to feel connected and engaged with their work? Or that ‘our company’s intranet’ is one of their top five pain points?
Beezy’s latest report, 2021 Digital workplace trends & insights, digs into the issues – so you can take action to fix the problems.
Unlock the insights to powering a better employee experience. And be the business your people and your clients want you to be.
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Shared experiences create powerful bonds, a dynamic that’s essential to the success of new employees at all organizations. But when onboarding team members is done on a remote basis, establishing that dynamic is much more challenging.
Onboarding is an even more critical touch point for introducing new employees to the company culture in the post-pandemic hiring landscape.
With all this in mind, Ergotron has created a whitepaper that lays out the key principles for a successful remote onboarding process that will help guide you through the process for each and every new employee.
Download your copy today to create a healthy, flexible and unique company culture, no matter where employees work.
As much as organizations prefer to keep things simple, employee well-being is complex, evolving and unique to each individual.
According to recent Limeade research, 47% of employees say problems in their personal lives affect their overall work performance. That’s why it is so important to amplify care for your employees by offering programs and activities—grounded in science—that can aid in personal improvement and increase performance.
Limeade’s free webinar, How to Create Healthier and More Productive Employee Cultures, outlines the key factors influencing whole-person well-being and which of those factors we can actually change. Hear Limeade Institute expert Dr. Laura Hamill, co-founder and chief science advisor, bust the common myths about your workforce’s well-being and provide real-life examples and implications for the truth behind the myths.
Watch the webinar today.
Boost your email strategy and increase employee engagement
Corporate communicators have a responsibility to inform, educate and motivate their respective audiences.
Beyond that, you have an opportunity (and an obligation) to build trust, provide clarity and make employees feel valued. Amid so much ongoing uncertainty, how can you keep up with these daunting challenges? Much of it comes down to email strategy.
PoliteMail’s latest guide, “Internal Corporate Communications: Email Best Practices,” offers a trove of smart guidance to fuel your COVID-era communication. The free download provides clarity on how to maximize messaging during this historic period of workplace upheaval, along with data-backed tips to make sure your email cuts through the noise.
PoliteMail is your one-stop shop for impressive emails and robust metrics, all within Outlook. Learn how to optimize your email communication to keep employees informed and engaged.
Looking for more resources? Check out our free resource center.
Simpplr Inc
Simpplr Inc
Simpplr is today’s modern employee intranet. Our software helps companies engage their workforce by streamlining internal communication and forging employee connections.
Simpplr customers include many leading brands such as Workday, AAA, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, DocuSign, Eurostar, and Columbia University. Our customers are improving internal communications, increasing employee engagement, and reducing employee turnover.
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